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Time stands still

27 December 1987
External Services:
  • rozenmakai@livejournal.com

Name: you can try and guess...or just call me roze

Sex: female

Age: 22

Relationship: Taken

Ethnic Background: Chinese...

Occupation: Student with too much free time

Watched/ing and obsessed with: ONE PIECE, STAR TREK, INCEPTION, GLEE, KHR, Firefly, Leverage, Criminal Minds, Merlin, Community, Supernatural, Misfits, Castle, Hawaii-Five-O, Being Human, Outsourced, No Ordinary Family, The IT Crowd, Dexter, Paranormal State, Australian Next Top Model and American Next Top Model

Read/ing and obsessed with: ONE PIECE, VIEWFINDER, Naruto, Fairy Tales, KHR, Kelley Armstrong, Laurell Hamilton, Patricia Briggs, Harry Potter

Blurb: I'm more of a lurker than anything... partly because most of the time i don't have anytime to
write my own entries and if i do i feel its a bit rush. another reason would be because I'm in a way quite shy on the internet...
I'll try my best to comment on posts that are interesting and if it needs more fangirling I'll be there. But writing my own entries are another thing.
Since I really do spend quite a bit of time reading manga, books, blogs, doing random quizs, studying for university and watching anime/dramas/TV...
so in this journal its really going to be about my interests more than anything else.

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